Committed to the environment

Our commitment to nature, the environment and its sustainability are present throughout our production cycle. We use wood, the most ecological and sustainable construction material.

In order for a tree to produce 1 kg of wood, it consumes 1.47 kg of CO2 and returns just over one kilogram of oxygen to the atmosphere. When trees are planted and used to make wood products, carbon remains stored in the wood throughout its lifecycle. About 50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon. The manufacturing process of a timber window, consumes less energy than other materials.

At the end of the window useful life, is 100% recycled through a non-polluting recycling processes.

We manufacture Wood products that directly contributes to the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings.


These certificates guarantee to consumers products from sustainably managed forests. By choosing PEFC, buyers can help to combat illegal logging and foster sustainability.