Comprehensive Carpentry Services



Our team is composed of technicians, carpenters, installers and varnishers who will advise you during all phases of the project, providing you with the solution that best suits your needs.

We give service to all construction professionals, architects, interior designers, builders, decorators etc, who have to meet specific requirements.



With over 30 years experience in carpentry, equipped with the most advanced technology and the expertise of our team, Zuhaizki has become a reference carpentry thanks to our quality, the hight capacity of production and the flexibility during the whole process. This allows us to undertake large-scale projects, guaranteeing delivery within the established deadlines and without sacrificing excellent quality.



We ensure that our products are installed optimally and with the highest standards. We supervise all the installation phases with qualified staff. We also collaborate with a wide network of installation companies, in addition to having our own assembly team with a wide experience


Comprehensive carpentry service

We aim to provide our customers with the a complete ad-hoc solution in carpentry.
We advise from the design phase to the installation, in order to achieve a more comfortable, sustainable and unique spaces .